Update "AgriNode bundle" for Eclipse Kura (using Bitreactive)

After Vietnamese New Year holiday or Tet holiday, I am back to the challenge.

In this post, I update the "AgriNode bundle" which runs on Eclipse Kura platform.
The figure demonstrates how the bundle works. It sends a command to all nodes for requiring data. After receiving the command, each node takes sensors reading then sends the sense data back to the gateway. The gateway then logs the data and forward them to the cloud via MQTT protocol. A web application is built on the cloud - IBM Bluemix for visualizing data. A user can define the sampling time (time for taking sensor data).

  • Sensor node: 
In this work, there is only one sensor node that is used for testing. It is ESP8266 Huzzah board and connects to DHT22 sensor (a low-cost temperature and humidity sensor)

  • Gateway: 
Eclipse Kura based gateway application with integrated "AgriNode bundle" that is developed using Bitreactive platform.

  • Cloud App:
Node-Red application runs on IBM bluemix, which is built for receiving and visualizing data from the gateway.

This post is the quick review of my work on AgriNode project. I will show you more detail in the next post.

Acknowledge: In this post, I want to say thanks to the friendly staff from Bitreactive with their support on building AgriNode bundle.

Video demo:


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